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Private Operations

0 Knowledge Network is developing under the premise that, in order to be a truly decentralized and private network system, it itself must be both decentralized and private. While, mix-nets in general do not typically conceal usage of the mix-net, only the data traveling through it, 0KN seeks to secure the channel to what degree is possible with privacy of operations within the mix-net substrate as well for users, operators, and services.

Additionally, 0KN is materialized as a zkAppChain and decentralized infrastructure built as modules for a privacy tool box for additional mix-net compatible and privacy-secured applications to use.

ZKProof of Registration

In addition to optional metered access, a registered subscriber model provides the decentralized system a means of anti-DDOS and spam prevention. Even within a fee-less (free) context, a registration process for network users enables the system to sustain optimal health including dynamic allocation of decentralized infrastructure resources. With ZKProofs, the system is able to collectively understand valuable network metrics with cryptographic validation while completely anonymizing any correlation with users or providers; thus metadata-private inside and out.

Abusers of the network may be blacklisted while still protecting their privacy.

0KNetwork subscribers, including both humans and machines, are required to generate and submit cryptographic timestamped proofs for their registration. Additionally, and optionally, subscribers may fund an account or otherwise pay the network for access to resources that have utility fees.

ZK Proofs are used to protect the privacy of all registered subscribers; there is no list of subscribers that may be leaked or otherwise obtained. Registered subscriber information is cryptographically secured and private at all times. Users manage their proof of access in a self-sovereign manner and prove the characteristics of their subscription without revealing their wallet address, network metadata, or any PII. Private info never leaves the subscriber's device.

Proving Registration

The act of proving ownership of a valid 0KN utility registration involves the creation of a ZKProof of inclusion of a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID), within a Merkle Tree without revealing the identifier itself. A crypto wallet address may be used as a unique identifier. In this manner, registered users, including both humans and machines, simply provide proof that they are registered and/or prove characteristics of a subscription that grants access without revealing any other information.

On-, Off-, and Cross- chain Proofs: ZKProofs of Registration are functional both off- and on- chain. Cross-chain proofs are also possible with an growing number of compatible L1 blockchains. On-chain proofs enable decentralized self-sovereign state transformations. Off-chain proofs are particularly powerful within the context of 0KN registration as they serve as cross-modular authentication tokens without requiring on-chain transactions, or central authorities.

Sate Transformations: As the Merkle Tree of subscriptions mutates with the addition and modification of records, its root hash is recorded as state with an zkAppChain runtime module as illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Merkle Tree as a collection of 0KNetwork Registrations

Registration Ledger Features

The 0KNetwork Registration Ledger provides the following features:

  • complete privacy of the underlying identifiers and subscription information
  • self-sovereign decentralized registration whereby subscribers manager their own data without any centralized authorities
  • selective-disclosure whereby a registered subscriber may prove validity of a subscription and various characteristics such as account balance, valid thru date, and tiers of access without revealing which characteristics themselves (only that they qualify) and never revealing PII
  • decentralized administration of subscription records
  • use by applications as an abstract developer library

Registration Record Hash Format

Figure 2: Format of hashed data for "Registration ID".

Protocol Revisions

Protocol revisions are managed by a revision attribute of the Registration Record Hash. This parameter provides effective means for the system to continuously develop without large migration events or downtime from invalidation of existing distributed data. In conjunction with a time attribute, the protocol offers a means to periodically expire and/or terminate records that may not longer be relevant. Protocol evolution is collectively governed by the Zero D A Ø.

Private Rewards & Utility Fees

Blockchains often operate with transactional transparency, which is useful in some cases. Within the context of the 0KNetwork, users and nodes pay utility fees and/or receive rewards for participation. The system uses ZKPs to facilitate these transactions without revealing any PII.

0KN's utility system is very flexible and ongoing research is invested into the discovery of multiple tiers of mix network access with some elements devoted to free access. In all cases the developmental target is to optimize end-user usability for frictionless onboarding of users with minimized setup and learning involved for utilization of the network.

$0KN Token on Ethereum ~ $0KN-ETH

$0KN is the official 0KN token on Ethereum. It connects 0KN to the well-established Ethereum ecosystem of exchanges, wallets, and tools providing a familiar gateway for other coins, including stable coins, to enter and exit the 0KNetwork. In time, utility will be explored within this "solarpunk" aspect of 0KN.

$0KN Privacy Coin ~ $0KN-ZK

0KN also has a privacy coin on 0KN's native zkAppChain. This coin is cutting edge with the latest emerging technologies in decentralized privacy using ZKPs. Unlike traditional blockchains, 0KN Privacy Coin transactions are private-preserving by default. Many advanced private utilities are planned for $0KN-ZK as the "lunarpunk" aspect of 0KN including 0KNetwork incentive rewards, mix-net usage fees, and more.

0KN Token Bridge

The 0KN Token Bridge facilitates the private conversion of the $0KN Token on Ethereum to and from the $0KN Privacy Coin. Alternatively, network services may be provided to natively and privately earn rewards within the 0KNetwork.

Example End-User Network Access Flow

The following diagram illustrates an example sequence of actions and transactions for an end-user to access the 0KNetwork without revealing their wallet address or any PII. This example models subscription-based network access as an efficient and simple use-case, as time is a mutually agreed upon zk-circuit input and therefore zk proof of access may take place off-chain without any following transactions. Using mix-net epochs as a base-unit of network access, other balance-tracking subscription models are possible.

Example Node Staking and Rewards Claim


Privacy Coin ~ Proof-of-Metadata-Privacy