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Network Substrate

substrate; noun

  1. An underlying layer; a substratum.
  2. A surface on which an organism grows or is attached.

OKN is a decentralized metadata-private internet layer. It serves as a foundational secured communications infrastructure and provides a medium of utility for an ecosystem of interoperable decentralized privacy applications to grow.

While many applications may use the 0KNetwork as a more general data transmission utility, applications building natively within the 0KN Privacy Network Substrate uniquely benefit from cryptographic guarantees of metadata privacy.

Full-Stack Components

The 0KN system encompasses various elements to collectively form the basis for secured data exchange within the networked system. Components include:

  • physical hardware
  • secured supply chain and DAO-governed manufacturing
  • hardened operating system
  • secured firmware/software distribution pipeline
  • decentralized infrastructure for network, storage, computation
  • privacy-preserving protocols and end-user applications

Together, the cooperative full stack of components ensures total security from Ø to 1, from hardware to higher levels of abstraction, thus guaranteeing privacy with no central points of failure or censorship.